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What color eyeshadow should I use?

What color eyeshadow should I use?

This is one of the most common questions I get while doing one-on-one makeup lessons. Plus, many times we get stuck in an eyeshadow rut, using the same things daily, because we are too scared to play around with color.

Although there are no “rules” with regards to makeup, there are certain colors that will make your natural eye color POP more than others. Generally, using the same eyeshadow colors as your eye color will create harmony, a soft look, and perhaps lighten your natural shade a bit.

On the other hand, wearing opposing colors (colors opposite your own on the color wheel) will make your natural color POP. People will notice the intensity of your eye color more. So how do we know what is an opposing color to ours? Let’s take a look at the color wheel!

Brown Eyes

Brown eyes are considered neutral, on the color wheel brown is a mixture of red, blue, and yellow. Because the mixture creates a color that is on the WARM side of the color wheel, opposing colors are considered greens blues, purples, and any variation of those colors. To create a soft look, harmonious look, use colors in the same color family, like browns and earthtones. To make brown eyes POP, use cool tones.

Green Eyes

Hazel or green eyes can use similar shades to create a soft look. This doesn’t always mean an exact match, but try a variety, even olive is very “in.” To create contrast and play up your greens, try purples, plums, burgundy, red-browns, wine, rusts, maroons, and warm undertones.

Blue Eyes

Blue eyes can wear blues, that is always beautiful. To play up the blue, choose opposing colors on the warm side of the color wheel. Peaches, bronzes, corals, apricots, golds, and browns.

Sometime Blue, Sometimes Green

Choose the opposing color based on the color you want to play up. If you want your eyes to appear more blue, choose warmer tones and browns. If you want your eyes to appear more green, choose greens OR purples.

Arbonne’s Volume 1 and Volume 2 Palettes

Arbonne’s eyeshadow Volume 1 and Volume 2 palettes have something for everyone! Hopefully now you feel inspired to try some new shades! Many times we look at these palettes and are frightened to try the more colorful ones. I often teach that no color is off limits, it’s really about WEAR you put the color. If you choose to wear blue to play up your brown eyes, keeping the most intense blues closest the the eyes is best.

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