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How to Apply Single and Cluster False Lashes

False lashes can help you look more youthful, but when full-blown falsies feel like overkill or are too uncomfortable or hard to apply, single and clusters are a great go-to.

But first, here's why I love cluster and single lashes (especially for beginners):

  • They're easier to apply. Many women are intimidated by lining up a full lash. Applying clusters and individuals is simpler, and makes great practice.

  • They look more natural. Lashes are meant to be irregular in shape and size, not a flat band across the eye. Singles and clusters look just like real lashes. No one will be able to tell you're wearing them (even if there's something "different" about you they can't put their finger on)!

  • They're more lightweight than strip lashes, which means that even YOU could forget you're wearing them.

  • They can cause less irritation. Lash glue sensitivity is a common problem. Because you're using a smaller amount of glue, there's typically less irritation, if any at all.

Let's jump into the tutorial! Highlights are below it for reference.

How to Apply Single and Cluster Lashes:

  1. Apply mascara as usual.

  2. Apply a thin black liner across your top lid (OPTIONAL). If you're going for a simpler look, skip the liner, but having a line does hide imperfections for the beginner.

  3. Clean your tweezers to make sure there is no glue left from a previous lash application. Tacky tweezers won’t release the lash you are applying.

  4. Use the longest lashes on the exterior of the eye and the shorter on the interior.

  5. Apply a small dollop of glue to the lash tray, then dip the end of the lash into the glue. Allow to dry for about 5-10 seconds.

  6. Look down into the mirror while applying lashes.

  7. Set lashes on top of current lashes, being careful to tuck the base into your lash line as tightly as possible.

  8. Use tweezers to move and adjust lashes as needed.

See how subtle they are (top photo is after), yet how beautiful of an impact they make?

Common Questions:

What brand of glue do you use? For individual lashes, anything works but I prefer DUO glue in the blue and white tube.

How many lashes do you typically use per eye? I use 3 clusters on the outside of the eye and 2-3 singles on the inside.

Can you adjust/touch lashes once applied? Yes, simply move them around with tweezers and/or finger. Once glue is dried the lashes typically stay put.

Can you reuse lashes? Yes, I do reuse mine. If you want to reuse, I would remove lashes before washing your face by gentle pulling them off with fingers. Because you used a tiny amount of glue, they come off very easy.

How do you remove the lashes? As stated above, you can pull them off with your fingers if you want to keep the lashes. Not keeping them? They remove easier when exposed to extreme humidity like a shower. Gently wash eye area. Some will fall off on their own, some will need assistance. They can wash down the drain.

When you try them out, let me know how it goes in the comments!

To aging gracefully together,



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