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Four Ways to Elevate Your Makeup Look in 2022

Originally published in Tallahassee Woman Magazine's February issue.

As a professional makeup artist, I’ve heard it so many times: makeup can be overwhelming.

Some of my clients recently admitted they were relieved face masks and Zoom meetings became the new normal because they had an excuse not to wear makeup. Other clients were makeup-free for so long that they forgot how to apply it!

It’s natural to feel intimidated or uninspired after a makeup hiatus, especially as the aging process begins. If you get frustrated trying to address new problem areas with makeup or feel like you need a refresher on how to apply it, you’re not alone.

That’s exactly why I’ve rounded up my clients’ most common makeup struggles and my tried-and-true solutions for each of them.

My under-eyes are crepey

It’s tempting to apply concealer generously underneath the eyes, but keep in mind that wherever the brush or blender starts is where the most product deposits. When we apply too much product closest to the eye, the area becomes cakey and fine lines are accentuated. Instead, apply concealer on the upper cheeks using a damp beauty blender and slowly blend upwards towards the under-eye. Always set under-eye concealer with a translucent powder, which is thinner and lighter than fully colored powders.

My foundation won’t stay on

The most common reason foundation doesn’t stay in place is because of inadequate skin prep and moisture. When the face begins to dry during the day, it ingests makeup and causes foundation to separate. To prevent separation, exfoliate your skin at least once a week and moisturize well before applying foundation. Add a makeup primer between your moisturizer and foundation, as well as a setting spray after, to lock in the skin’s natural moisture.

My eyes are hooded

If you have hooded eyes, or extra skin between the brow and crease, your lids may appear smaller than they are. Drawing attention away from the hoods will help eyes look younger and larger. To do so, sweep a mid-tone to deeper taupe color over the entire lid using a puffy blending brush. Save any shimmers, very dark or very light colors for the lowest part of the lid.

I’m stuck in a makeup rut

This happens to us all. Applying our makeup the same way daily is easy and fast but can get boring. My favorite way to shake things up is to go brighter or deeper, especially on the cheeks and lips. Bonus: brighter and bolder colors help you look younger, your teeth appear whiter, and pop on camera!

Even a little makeup can boost your confidence and make a big difference in how you look and feel at any age. You deserve a fresh start this year!


Need more personalized suggestions? Make a one-on-one appointment.

Lisa Davis, Licensed Aesthetician, Professional Makeup Artist, Owner of Image By Lisa.


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