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Video: 3-Step Brows That Wow

New year, new brows! When perfected correctly, brows can make you look younger, giving off the illusion that your eyes are more lifted and awake. Couldn't we all use that?

The most common mistake is filling in the brow as it already is, rather than giving your brow the shape that it should be. The secret breaks down into 3 easy steps and the right pencil - something with a fine tip and a spoolie. For this video, I'll be using Loreal Brow Stylist in Deep Brunette.

Here are the highlights before watching:

1. Start inside and under the brow. The first step is to create a little arched line across the bottom of your brow to even out the varying level of hairs. While doing so, be sure that you're using tiny back and forth motions and pressing lightly, rather than pushing in and drawing across. This helps it look light, diffused and natural. Using these motions, follow the line all the way across, adding a tail at the end.

2. Build the height and width above the brow. Starting from the tail and working your way back in, continue using tiny back and forth strokes to add height. Make sure to create a subtle, gradual arch instead of a half moon. When you reach the beginning of the brow, be especially careful with the pressure of the strokes to avoid it looking too boxy. You can also use the spoolie to slightly diminish the strokes in this area.

3. Finish the inside of the brow. At the head and inside of the brow (closest to your nose), use upward motions to mimic hairs. You should barely use any pressure here. Again, use the spoolie to blend the strokes and prevent it from looking too harsh.

I typically apply a brow gel afterward (Arbonne Eyebrow Gel in Medium Dark) to seal the brow and keep stray hairs in place.

When put correctly into practice, the steps will play out like this:

Let's watch the steps in action:

Ready to give it a whirl? Try it out and let me know how it goes in the comments!

To aging gracefully together,


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