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National Lash Day 2022: My Favorite Natural + Glam Lashes

Professional makeup artist's guide to drugstore strip lashes

When I’m doing bridal makeup, I consistently hear lash horror stories. Usually, it involves lashes that are too big, too heavy, didn’t stay on, poked or felt weird and uncomfortable.

For this reason, I choose lashes that are light and fluffy, with a thin flexible band, that can be worn daily, and reused. The best news? Most can be purchased at your local drug store or online on via Amazon or Ardell.

Here's a breakdown of my tried-and-true false lash favs, starting with natural and working our way to full glam.


Natural false lashes are perfect if you have smaller eyes, a hooded eye, want something super simple for a professional look or don’t want anyone to notice you’re wearing lashes at all.

  • Ardell Natural 110s - Most simple. Found at any drugstore. I use these for grandmothers and mothers-of-the bride, people nervous about lashes, and headshots.


  • Ardell 172s - Short but fluffy. These are my favorite for a natural look. They're perfect for everyday wear, especially if you lack natural lashes, or your lashes are short. They're easier to find online.



These lashes bring the fire… fluffy, light, extension mimicking. These are my favorites for bridal.

  • Ardell 421 Nakeds. The all-around perfect lash. My most popular bridal lash and personal-use lash.


  • Ardell 423 Nakeds. A bit more natural than 421. Perfect for daily wear. Band is very light.


  • Ardell 429 Nakeds. The largest from the Naked varieties. I use this lash for date nights, when I want my lashes to really pop. I also use this lash for brides with long lashes naturally, who want a full “glam” makeup look on the big day.



Fuller, longer, sexier! I use these lashes when a bride wants full glam, and for boudoir, galas, and date nights.

  • Ardell double up demi wispies. The Ardell demi wispies are a drug store go-to. I don’t use them often because I prefer a fluffier look. The double up wispies however? Perfection!


  • Ardell double up 207. A little larger and fuller than the double up demis. Perfect for full glam and boudoir.


Looking for a drug store glue? I prefer KISS Latex free glue, as it’s less irritating to the eye. If latex isn’t an issue for you and you want a strong hold, try the classic DUO glue in white (dries clear).

Still struggling to get your lashes on? I’ve done several videos over the years and recently posted a short tutorial on my Instagram, @imagebylisa.

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