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Top Tips for Bangin' Lashes

One of my favorite ways to make myself and clients look younger is to play up the eyes. Lashes are a huge part of this since they're sign of youth and vitality.

Unfortunately, we lose them as we age. I've got a few tricks up my sleeve for how to combat that. Here are my favorite tricks and products for getting the most bangin' lashes possible!

1. Lash Boost Serum | Lash Boost by Rodan and Fields. I've tried several lash boost serums but this one is by far my favorite and gave me significant fullness in my lashes and brows.

How to use: Apply a little on the base of your lashes and brows each night before bed. If you find that your eyes become dry, switch to every other night.

2. Eyeliner | L.A. Girl Glide On Gel Black Eyeliner. This one is only about $6 from the drugstore. It's both easy to apply and doesn't transfer onto the lids. I also love 24/7 by Urban Decay and NYX eyeliners.

How to use: Look down at your mirror and line up underneath the water line (a.k.a tightlining) to thicken the base of the lash line.

3. Mascara | Arbonne Speak Volumes and Lash Princess. I love this mascara from Arbonne, but when I know I'll be going through tons of mascara and I need a less expensive version that won't transfer on clients, I use Lash Princess.

How to use: After you've applied liner, apply mascara to your top lashes. Let dry before applying on bottom lashes.

4. False Lashes | Ardell Naked Lashes. These are my absolute favorite false lashes when I'm going for a more natural look. They're fluffy, lightweight, natural looking, and hold their form really nicely - which makes them really easy to use again and again.

How to use: trim the false lash band down to fit eye. Add the lash glue (I use Duo) and wait for 30 seconds to a minute so that the glue can get tacky on the lash. Using tweezers, make sure to apply the lash using your arm on the same side of your body.

Align and place the lash, using the tweezers to pull the lash towards the outside of the eye. Press the lash down on the eye with the tweezers and hold. Repeat with the part of the lash closest to the eye and then with the middle of the lash.

Once finished, if you already haven't, you can apply mascara to your bottom lashes.

5. Liner | Arbonne It's a Fine Line Liquid Eyeliner in Eclipse. This is my favorite trick for making the bottom lashes look more robust: drawing tiny little lashes on with a liquid eyeliner pen!

How to use: Make sure there's not too much excess liquid liner on the tip. Find a natural lash and draw a little lash coming down. Put most of the pressure at the base of lash line, using less pressure as you draw the stroke downward. As you move from the outer to inner eye, make shorter strokes for each faux lash.

Did you try any of these tips on your own lashes? Let me know in the comments!

To aging gracefully together,


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