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Makeup Planning Tips for a Beautiful Wedding Day

If you're one of my future bridal clients, your big day is probably coming fast—and I can’t wait to share it with you as your bridal makeup artist! I always look forward to being there on the big day, taking in all the excitement and energy.

If you don't yet have a makeup artist for your big day, check out my Bridal Makeup page in case I can be of help to you.

Either way, if you're getting married soon, I hope you find these makeup planning tips useful.


Head Count

We will want to make sure our head count is exact so that your timeline is seamless. The photographer will let you know what time everyone’s makeup needs to be completed. We will count backwards from the outlined completion time to arrive at a makeup start time, based on our final headcount. It takes me about 35 minutes per head. The bride is typically last or close to last—so that your makeup is as fresh and perfect as possible before you walk down the aisle!

Opt Outs

90% of the time, those who opt out of makeup before the big day change their mind the day of and ask to be fit in. This is a leading cause of wedding timeline delays. While I’m sometimes able to fit them in, most of the time I can’t. Another thing to consider when planning your bridesmaids’ makeup is how different opt-outs look on camera. Encouraging all bridesmaids beforehand to get their makeup done will help both logistically and aesthetically on your big day.

Touch Ups

I typically do touch ups after applying your makeup and before leaving the venue. You and your bridesmaids should have glosses and lipsticks with you to touch up after ceremony or reception. I will let you know your lip color at your makeup trial so that you can purchase the exact shade to carry on the big day. *Note: providing your bridal party with drinking straws and finger foods instead of large subs can help lip color last longer.

Your Skin

If you want your skin to look as clear and smooth as possible on the big day, I would recommend starting any customized skincare regimen as early as possible. About a month before the wedding, getting a microdermabrasion treatment or facial is helpful for makeup application. However, be sure to give your skin about a month to recover. Dermaplaning has also become very popular. It removes peach fuzz and hair from the face, while exfoliating dead skin off the surface. Makeup will apply smoother and last longer, especially if we airbrush your face. Dermaplaning should also be done about a month out from your big day.

Spray Tan

Spray tans are very pleasing on camera, as photography typically lightens two shades. Most brides do have a spray tan 2-3 days prior to the big day. Typically, the tan has faded to a soft glow if done days prior (like the beautiful bride in this picture below). Spray tans have really advanced in recent years and don’t look orange or streaky. Most brides do not have their face sprayed. Instead, we match the face to the rest of the spray tan color by using darker foundation shades.

Book your spray tan at Image By Lisa Boutique here.


Set Up on Wedding Day

Most venues have a bridal suite with table space and mirrors. I always bring my own chair. If you plan to get ready at a hotel or a home, you will want to take some extra measures to be prepared. For makeup, we need a full-size dining room table at normal height. Coffee and end tables will not work. Makeup takes up a lot of space. We will also want to set up makeup in a spot with plenty of natural light. Near windows is best. I always bring a full-size ring light just in case!

Skin Prep on Morning of Wedding Day

The entire bridal party should wash and moisturize face before arriving for makeup on the big day. Please steer clear of moisturizers with higher than SPF 20, as flashback can occur with photography when high SPF levels are used.



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