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How To Use Your Beauty Blender

The Beauty Blender was a game changer for me. Such a flawless, blended look with less creasing, especially around the eyes! Although many of my clients already own the Beauty Blender, I found most had no idea how to use it properly. Here’s how to get the most out of your Beauty Blender.

Buy the real one!

No fakes. The Beauty Blender is Made in USA and patented to work in a very special way. I have tried every knockoff brand out there. Trust me, they are not the same. Spend the money. It’s worth it! You can purchase it at Ulta, Sephora, or here is my fav way to shop, AMAZON!

Always use WET!

The Beauty Blender is designed to absorb water, NOT your product. Product hovers over the top of the sponge, which means less waste, no streaks, and a flawless creaseless finish. To wet, run under faucet or use a spray bottle of water or setting spray.

The shape of sponge has a purpose.

The Beauty Blender is easy to hold, especially when damp. Use the large ball end to cover larger areas with foundation. Use sides for highlighting and contouring. Use the tip for details like eyelids, inner eyes, and nose contour. Need to see it demonstrated?


The Beauty Blender is not supposed to be dragged across the skin. The whole purpose is to minimize streaking caused by traditional brushes. After wetting your sponge, bounce and dab off the face to blend.

Order of Products

Foundation first. Highlight second (light concealer). Contour third (dark concealer or crème), set face with translucent powder. This may be a personal preference, but I highlight first so that none of the contour color accidentally ends up in a highlighted area.

Apply powders too!

Yes! You can use the same damp Beauty Blender to set your makeup using translucent powder. Simply dip the blender into a heaping pile of powder and set onto apple of cheek, bouncing upward toward the eye. I usually use RCMA No color Powder or Laura Mercier loose Translucent powder.

Keep it clean.

The recommended shelf life of the Beauty Blender is 3 months, but I can tell you I have had mine well over a year. I will add, this tool works better CLEAN. I wash the Blender more often than any makeup tool I own. They get cakey fast because I use them for both liquids and powders. When the Blender is cakey, it doesn’t absorb the water as easily. To wash, run under warm water, apply facial cleanser or baby shampoo, and squeeze until water runs clear. Air dry. My fav cleanser is my everyday Arbonne Essentials, literally melts makeup off my face and the Blender.


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