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How To Look Younger With Individual Lashes

Trying to counter some of the common issues of aging, such as hooded eyes and sparse eyelashes?

Individual false lashes and false lash clusters can help you subtly achieve a natural, youthful look. Bonus: they’re easier to apply than full lash strips!

Here are the video highlights (video below) of how to apply individual and clusters of lashes:

Apply your eye makeup first. Make sure your eye shadow and mascara is already in place, as well as a liner if you choose to wear one. However, the nice thing about these types of lashes is that you don’t have to wear a liner because there's no 'strip' to cover.

Select the lashes most complementary to your natural lashes. Keep in mind that you'll be beginning on the outside of your eye and stair stepping your way in. The longest should be on the outside, tapering shorter as you move inward.

Put lash glue onto the tray, using a pair of tweezers to grab a lash and dip it in glue. Heads up: they're easy to lose! In this video, I use regular waterproof Duo glue. Wait a few seconds for the glue to get tacky so it can adhere more efficiently.

Look down as you're applying the lash, starting on the very outside of your eyelid. Continue to add and stagger lashes, remembering to taper the length as you work inward. Laying them where there are gaps in your natural lashes will create a fuller look.

Repeat with second eye, working your way inward and tapering the length.

This same process can be used for lash clusters - or you can mix both types throughout!

Let's watch it in action:


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