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Here's How I Stand For Life

I have been grieved for our nation this past few weeks. We have so many issues dividing us, but one that is of utmost importance. The abortion issue comes with a much heavier cost and emotional rise because the “choice” we practice ends a human life. 

With the passage of more laws, allowing for abortion up until birth, when the mother’s “life” or, more broadly, “health” are affected, we have seen more people become outspoken in their opposition. I am grateful that the law actually awakened our consciences again, and pro-life Americans are speaking out.


I have been prayerful and deeply concerned over what I can do, what we can do, to make a

difference in a culture that has deemed convenience more important than human life. After all, I certainly understand the emotions that come with an unplanned pregnancy. My last child was not just unplanned, but came late in life. I was unmarried, had three older children, and was in a very new relationship. Ford was not a “choice” of course. He was a child, wanted or not. I have been there. How can I help others in the same spot?


Because abortion is legal, and because we have bought into the semantics of this issue, mommies truly believe they are simply exercising their “right.” Calling them a murderer doesn’t help anything. We should be mindful of the language we use when speaking to this issue. I would never want to be called a name that defines me based on a past decision. A decision that is legal after all. We must engage our culture without the use of terms that build walls immediately. Engage lovingly, but DO ENGAGE! 


One of the easiest ways to help moms in crisis is by supporting Women’s Pregnancy Centers across our country. Our Tallahassee Pregnancy Center is privately funded. They provide STD testing at the STD clinic, pregnancy testing, ultrasound, adoption referral, medical care, financial care, housing, support, and post-abortive counseling. They also have a Belly Boutique, providing moms maternity clothing, baby clothing, and supplies. 


The Women’s Pregnancy Center does two large fundraisers a year. Last year, through the help of my friends, I was able to raise around $3,000. This year my goal is to raise $5,000 for the center. This is how you can put feet to what you believe. Do what you can! Any amount helps. Thank you for helping me reach my goal! 


Also, this month 50% of all profit on orders placed through my business will go straight to the Center. Use skincare, makeup, and nutritional products? We all do. 

  • Simply visit my site

  • Register as a preferred customer ($30 for the year, you shop at 20% off individual products and 40% off sets).

  • Place a $150 retail order to receive free shipping. Products ship straight to you. 

  • I will put aside 50% of the profit from ALL orders for the Walk. 

"May we remember that... Sometimes the unexpected becomes our greatest joy. That all life is precious, even the smallest, voiceless ones that live inside the womb. That feminism, in its truest form, embraced femininity and motherhood, and protected the lives of the unborn. That our rights as human beings begin, first and foremost with the right to life. That our location, awareness, stage of development, and level of dependency on others is NOT what makes us a “person”, but simply that we belong to the human species and that’s what gives us value. That just because something is legal, does not make it right. Stand with me today in supporting women with love and support, no judgement. Stand with me today in supporting centers that help women with choices that preserve life and not destroy it. Continue to give financially, continue to foster, continue to adopt, continue to counsel your family and friends and continue to speak out! Do not be bullied into silence by the rhetoric and slogans of our age. Continue to stand for life." - Lisa Davis


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