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Spray Tanning During Pregnancy: Here's What to Know, Mama

As the joys of pregnancy unfold, many expecting moms desire the

natural bronze of a custom spray tan for pictures, events, or just to feel pampered.

As with anything around pregnancy, there are also concerns about the safety. This is a common question here at Image By Lisa. In this blog post, we'll explore the safety aspects of custom spray tanning for our pregnant mommies, ensuring a radiant and worry-free experience for you.

DHA Safety:

Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) is the main active ingredient in spray tanning solutions. It interacts with the outmost, dead layer of the skin to produce the tan effect. DHA does not penetrate beyond the outer skin layer, making it non-systemic. Research indicates that DHA is generally safe for external use, making it an option for expecting moms.

Image By Lisa offers a variety of formula options, including an organic-ingredient tan (our premium formula). Our Premium formula is our most popular tan for bridal and pregnant clients, as it has virtually zero odor due to the clean ingredients.


The biggest concern for pregnant moms is ventilation, aka: the possibility of inhaling spray tan fumes.


Ventilation Matters:

Proper ventilation is crucial during the spray tanning process, ensuring that both the client and the artist are breathing in clean air. This is why custom spray tanning is the best option, as ventilation is our highest priority. Booth tanning involves a contained space, making fumes overwhelming. Our spray tanning rooms are open, not enclosed, and house ten powerful extraction fans that are cleaned daily.

Our ventilation system virtually eradicates any potential risks associated with inhaling spray particles, creating a comfortable environment for our pregnant clients. We also provide nose plugs, just in case our clients want to take extra precautions.


Custom vs. Booth Tanning:

Besides providing safe ventilation, custom spray tanning avoids other common mishaps of booth spraying, like uneven application. We are able to focus on important areas of the body, while avoiding others, like the face, underarms, feet, and hands. Our artists take extra care to ensure that pregnant clients are comfortable throughout the process, providing nose plugs, sticky feet, barrier cremes, hair ties, face wipes, and nipple covers (for breast feeding, just in case baby comes early).

Our post-spray tan finishing powder is always a fan favorite! Our artists dust this talc-free, beach scented powder all over the body after the tan, to make sure clients leave without feeling wet or sticky. Finishing powders also keep bronzers from transferring to clothing.

From start to finish we focus on providing a stress-free environment for our moms-to-be. We can’t wait to see you!

Have questions? Check out our FAQs, as well as tips for how to prep before and after your tan, here!

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