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I'm Back and Better Than Ever!

After BeautiControl’s closure I swore off MLM brands, mostly because I was angry. The closure was like a bad breakup for me and I couldn’t open up my heart to anyone for a while. Also, as a makeup artist, I use LOTS of products and needed to find a line that was ok with that. Many newer companies are not ok with reps using or promoting other lines. Plus, I will admit, I was not going into this blind eyed and bushy tailed like before. As a veteran to the industry I am hyper sensitive to “red flags.” When I experienced even the slightest sign of danger the walls would go up! Back orders, controlling corporate policies, shipping delays, customer service issues… you name it, I have experienced it first hand, so I was watchful.

What Happened to BeautiControl? Check out my blog post:

I did however go on a little product adventure. I tried eleven different skincare/makeup lines including: Rodan and Fields, Beautycounter, Aloette, Modere, Mary Kay, Color Me Beautiful, Younique, Limelight, Senegense, La Bri’, and Arbonne.

After a year of using everything I could get my hands on, my heart continued to pull me in one direction…. Arbonne. Ultimately, they gave me the trifecta: Skincare, makeup, AND healthy living products. I found myself reordering over and over, preferring their skincare over everyone else’s.

Why Arbonne:

The skincare! Although makeup is huge for my biz, skincare is foundational. It feels amazing and is fragrance free. The cleanser and night crème are my FAV! Creamy and luxurious.

The vegan, botanically based mission. Arbonne upholds the European Union’s standard for banned chemicals in products.

The makeup! Awesome coverage foundation and pigmented colors. Many clean lines lack pigmentation and/or selection.

Arbonne had the best variety, I struggled to find that again. Some companies have makeup and no skincare, some skincare and no makeup. Some have great skincare and the makeup is just ok… you get the point. I didn't want to join three different companies. Arbonne has it all… NOW! Sensitive skincare, acne skincare, anti-aging, makeup etc...

Samples! Can we just hang here for a second!? If a company wants you to sell their product they need to have samples! Making your own samples is unacceptable in my book. I did that for years... can you tell I have PTSD from it? 

Nutrition Products - I did the 30 Days to Healthy Living Program and was hooked. Plus, the program comes with videos, recipes, shopping lists, cheat sheets… You don’t have to create anything.

Back office/systems - New companies come with a lot of hype AND a lot of problems to work out. I loved that Arbonne’s back office and customer service is tried and true. 40 years to work out the kinks. Social media images… yes, systems.. yes, support… yes!

The discount/profit on products sold - The max most companies offer on personal sales is 20%-30% and many times that comes with a very high order/sales requirement. I love that I can order for myself or sell retail at 35% off individual products and 50% off sets on ALL orders, no matter the size.

Shipping! We cannot tolerate delays and high shipping costs, especially in our Amazon culture, my clients expect fast and cheap. All consultant personal orders over $500 enjoy free shipping and $500 or under are $8. Also, preferred customer shipping is free with $150 orders. FYI - Orders come from California, so my packages take a good 5 days to arrive.

No inventory - This is the standard model now and WOW… I did some driving in my 12 years with BC. Everything is ordered by the customer or me, but shipped straight to the customer.

Track record - Arbonne is the largest health and wellness company worldwide with 300,000 consultants and over 2 million customers.

The preferred customer program! Arbonne incentivizes customers with free shipping, discounts on all orders, and freebies for orders, birthdays, and renewals.

I know many of my customers and consultants have found another home. I don’t believe in stealing anyone away from a company, its tacky. However, if you haven’t found a home, I invite you to join me on this new journey!

Below are the details and benefits of Arbonne’s programs. Reach out to me with your questions/comments at 850-212-3990 or


$29 per year

All orders are 20% off individual products, 40% off sets

All orders $150+ get free shipping

All orders $150 or less is $7.95 shipping

No auto-ship. There are options if there is something you like enough to place on auto-ship, you can, but it’s not part of the program.

Ships straight to you!!! WOOHOOOO!

Freebies on next order

Freebie at renewal


$49 to sign up. Renews yearly for $29.

You can choose a sign up package or do your own custom order of $500 retail, up to you. I did the makeup package because you can choose what you want.

The sign up packages are 50% off.

All orders are 35% off individual products, 50% off sets.

For every $250 retail in cart, you can choose $125 in products for $30. Yes It’s compounding, and yes I do it every order. A $500 retail order = $250 in products for $60, a $750 order gets you $375 for $90 and so on…

Shipping is FREE on all $500 orders and just $7.95 for orders under $500

No monthly or yearly sales requirement to stay active.

To register and/or order… GO TO

Click Register -> Click Preferred Customer OR Become a consultant


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