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Fall in Love with a New Makeup Look

This article originally appeared in Tallahassee Woman Magazine's October/November issue.

Fall fashion trends are predictable, with boots and floppy hats replacing maxi dresses, and pastels transitioning into warmer hues. Makeup trends, on the other hand, can be challenging to keep up with, leaving us stuck in the rut of applying makeup the same way every season. It’s time to step outside of your comfort zone and embrace the beauty of fall! These makeup trends are natural, flattering, and achievable for everyone.

Overly Blushed

Don’t be shy with blush. Try brighter, pinker, and more of it! Play around with creams and powders, or use both. Apply more liberally on highest point of cheek bones, continuing to the apples of cheeks. Touch a bit on the tip of your nose as well. A beautiful flush is indicative of youth. Go for it!

Buffed Out Brows

Harsh, drawn-on brows are out. Buffed out, wispy brows are in! Apply a colored brow gel in an upwards motion to separate, groom, and define hairs. After brow gel dries, apply pencil in super light upward strokes to mimic hair. Concentrate color on the middle and outer brow, avoiding the beginning of brow, so the head of it doesn’t look blunt.

Exaggerated Lips

Haven’t ventured into lip fillers yet? That’s okay! Yes, a full lip is in, and you can create it. Overdraw the lip slightly with a brown-pink lip liner, carefully smudging liner inward. Use a slightly darker lip shade on the outside, and a lighter on the inside. Finish with a gloss. Shiny lips have made a comeback.

Big Lashes

Big, fluffy lashes are always trending! Apply a first coat of mascara, allow lashes to dry, and reapply another coat. For falsies, choose a light, yet fluffy brand like Ardell Nakeds. You can’t feel them, but they add that WOW factor to any makeup look.

Glowing Skin

A matte finish may be necessary for photo shoots, but a dewy natural glow is beautiful for everyday life. To achieve this look, exfoliate weekly and moisturize daily. Apply foundation with a brush, buffing, as opposed to pressing, it into the skin. This lighter coverage will allow your natural glow to radiate through. Don’t forget to set it! Apply a setting spray to your bare face before applying foundation and after makeup is complete. I like to press the setting spray into my makeup, so that it looks like makeup is coming from my skin, and not sitting on the skin.

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