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I'm Lisa Davis, Tallahassee's trusted makeup artist and skincare expert.


For more than 13 years, I've helped thousands of women look and feel their best at any age. 

Want to really know the story of how I got here? 

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life is crazy sometimes, isn't it? 


As a full-time makeup artist, licensed aesthetician and mom of four, I know how chaotic life can be. My story is proof I also know how unpredictable it is. 


Achieving balance while overcoming obstacles and prioritizing family is one thing. Finding the time and energy to also take care of yourself along the way?


There's a secret sauce for that and I can't wait to share it with you here through helpful blog posts, makeup tutorials and recommended products


Yes, life is crazy. But it's in the moments we're most challenged that we emerge as our best selves who are ready to take on the world around us.


Who's coming with me, ladies?

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Just for Fun

just for fun

Let's get random!

Adam Cohen Photography

a few of my favorite things are:

Time with friends, scrapbooking and intense workouts

my guiltiest

pleasure is:

Definitely sugar... but brownies especially!

one of my bucket list items is to: 

Live at the beach... that is all!

the best kept beauty secret is:

Consistency. You may not see a difference overnight, but long-term skincare pays off!

If i'm stranded on an island, i better have:

Mascara, sunscreen and snacks because I get HANGRY!

if i could have anything, it'd be:

More date nights with my wonderful hubby

if i could only eat one thing forever, it'd be:

Tacos and margaritas. Or donuts!

one thing you don't know about me is:

I have the nose and ears of a hound!

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