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More Than Just a Bikini Body

*This article originally appeared in the June issue of Tallahassee Woman magazine on behalf of Lisa Davis, image contributor.

Once the temps start rising and those “summed bod” ads start consuming our feeds, it can be tempting to restrict calories or take other drastic measures. This may lead to quick weight loss, but that weight loss is both unsafe for your body and unsustainable for everyday life (stats tell us that weight regain is a staggering


If we get off the dieting hamster wheel, we can reframe our version of ‘healthy’ using realistic, sustainable practices that work long-term: lifestyle change and habit formation. The ultimate goals become health and energy, and the added benefit is our physical appearance.

Trust me, small adjustments can add up over time. Don’t underestimate their impact! Here are some changes you can make to start experiencing healthy gains this summer and start feeling your best year-round:

  • Preparation: Be proactive with nutrition and exercise by having a plan in place before the week begins. What will be cooked? When will we shop? What time will workouts be? Always carry snacks and food with you, protecting your plan from the unexpected. Leaving these fundamentals up to chance is a recipe for disaster.

  • Perfection no more: Understand that something is better than nothing. Consistent daily walks are more monumental long-term than intense, inconsistent gym visits. Think creatively to get in movement, while the kids are at practice, during a lunch break, or right after dinner.

  • Protein: Instead of focusing on what you can’t have or eliminating entire food groups, focus on getting enough protein, which is more filling, and naturally causes us to eat less fat and carbs. I personally aim for 1 gram+ per lb. of ideal body weight.

  • Progress: When studied, those who lost weight and kept it off found a way to monitor themselves. This could be an accountability partner, a tracking calendar, a gym challenge, or a smart scale. Calorie and macro counting can be a great short-term and eye-opening tool.

  • Perspective: Keeping promises to yourself through habit change builds self-confidence and helps solidify your identity change—to a healthy person. Remember, weight loss is more sustainable when it’s slow. Accepting that this a long game will take the focus off the scale and a certain timeline. Health isn’t just for the beach, a vacation or special event—it’s for life!

Lisa Davis

Image Contributor, Owner of Image By Lisa

Follow Lisa on Insta @imagebylisa

Licensed Aesthetician, Pro Makeup Artist,

and Certified Integrative Nutrition Coach

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