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Lips Colors: Bolder is better for the Holidays!

You're not alone if the thought of bold red lipstick intimidates you a little bit. Many of my clients feel the same way.

But when they finally let me put a bolder lip color on them or take my advice in front of their own mirror... it's a different story! They love the way it brings their look to life.

If you've been too hesitant to try a bold lip, the holidays is the perfect time to go bolder. Don't knock it 'til you try it!

Bright and bold red colors can help make you look younger, your teeth brighter and really pop on camera. You're bound to end up in some pictures at that next holiday party or event. Why blend in?

Bold lips and fake lashes photograph very well and help elevate any makeup look. To add a little glam for an holiday party or event, you'll want to add a little shimmer, but keep the eyes simple and let the lashes and the lips do the talking.

The tutorial and products are below.




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