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All-in-One Marble Palette

With how often I've been using the new (and limited edition) Marble palette from

Arbonne, I thought it deserved a post and video.

It's the perfect all-in-one palette, especially for on the go. It includes four eyeshadows, bronzer, blush, two gloss lip shades, a magnetic closure and mirror. Bonus: it's made from recycled plastics and free of any harmful chemicals.

Many all-in-one palettes include colors that aren't complementary to certain skin tones. Not this one! It comes with transition colors (neutrals that pair well with all skin tones) so that no color goes unused. They're beautiful on any skin and for any look.

Another benefit of this all-in-one is the price. If you purchased each product in the palette individually, you'd spend around $130 - but the palette itself is just $85 (and only around $68 if you're a preferred customer)!

Preferred customer | $29 per year. 20% off all orders, 40% off all large sets, free shipping on $150+ orders, free product on next $150+ order, no auto ship, no monthly fees and no minimums.

In the video below, I'll walk through how I use each part of the palette. The links to the brushes, lashes, etc. I use are below the video.

Products used:

Marble all-in-one palette

Morphe 441 brush

MAC 239 brush

Brush sweep

Setting spray

MAC 228 brush

Setting powder

Jordana lip pencil

Naked false lashes

Duo lash glue (regular)

Let me know what you think about this palette in the comments!