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5 Reasons Why Makeup Artists Should Sell with MLM

Disclaimer: Less than 2% of Arbonne Independent Consultants (AICs) achieve my title of Regional VP. Annual typical earnings of AICs can be found at

I recently did a blog post and video about direct selling and multi-level marketing (MLM), highlighting the stigma surrounding it and how falling victim to these preconceived notions can cause you to leave money on the table (especially if you’re a makeup artist).

Since I’ve been so open about my story and the fact that direct selling and MLM completely changed my life, I thought I would share the reasons why it's such an amazing opportunity for other makeup artists .

Here are my top 5 reasons why makeup artists should use direct selling and MLM:

1. The service industry has limitations. As makeup artists in the service industry, if we can’t provide the service, we can’t make money from it. I used to think (pre-Covid) that our vocation was recession proof. I now know that is not the case. The same goes for injury or sickness. When I was pregnant, not being able to work meant no income.

When we only have one source of income that is hinged on so many other factors (i.e. the economy, our age and health, etc.), it can be unreliable and difficult to build long-term wealth and save for retirement.

2. Time has its own limitations. As makeup artists, we’re trading time for money, meaning our income is limited by the amount of time we have. I don’t know about you, but as a busy mom of four, time is something that I don’t have a lot of! We can only do so many hours of makeup per day and per week. We’ve got to work smarter, not harder.

3. We’re leaving money on the table. When we don’t fully leverage our expertise, we leave money on the table. What do I mean by this? Well, customers view us as the expert. After seeing how amazing they look and feel, they want to purchase what is used on them so they can replicate the look. We then send them to buy the products at Sephora or the drug store, of which we are paid nothing in return. We are lining the pockets of large companies, and THEY are benefiting from our expertise, NOT US!

When you offer products for sale, you add additional income on top of the service. Love the foundation? Sure here it is. BOOM! There’s an additional $20 profit. Love the lip gloss? Sure, let’s get that for you. The best part? There’s no glass ceiling! In addition to the sales commissions you can make on the products you personally sell, when you guide other consultants to do the same, you grow your income. It’s a win-win. No pushy stuff, minimums, quotas or weird creepy sales tactics. I teach my team to sell by adding value to their customer’s life. We ask how can I teach, help or inspire my customers? When you have that attitude, business comes your way.

4. It allows us to make money while we sleep. “Find a way to make money while you sleep or you will work until you die.” Amen! Foundation is the #1 purchased and reordered makeup item in the US. Mascara is #2. The average American woman spends upwards of $1,000 per year on personal care products. Why shouldn’t we have a piece of that pie? After all, we’re the experts, selling products for these companies.

When we rep a line, once we introduce a women to the colors that work best for her, she’ll continue to reorder, without your effort or knowledge, and the commissions continue to hit your bank account. With Arbonne that extra money hits my account once per week.

5. It’s not about selling to people, it’s about serving people. People can smell a salesperson, but love and value a consultant who is honest and trustworthy. Do I use all Arbonne all the time? NO. I never try to push something on someone that I don’t feel they need, and I’m transparent about what other brands have more suitable products. Say it with me: you don’t always have to use or recommend the product you represent!

Remember, people look to us for answers. When I buy a house, I use a realtor; they know the ins and outs and navigate the process. They make recommendations, based on their expertise, and there is trust built. They save me time and money. The same goes for us, or anyone in a consultant role. I save customers time and money. They don’t have to navigate the store and hope to buy the right thing. They don’t have to return a foundation that is too orange, too thick, or too light. I have saved them mental energy and time. I have used my expertise to solve a problem for them.

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