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If You're a Makeup Artist, You Need to Read This

Disclaimer: Less than 2% of Arbonne Independent Consultants (AICs) achieve my title of Regional VP. Annual typical earnings of AICs can be found at

During my many years in direct selling and multi-level marketing (MLM), I've seen the rolled eyes and heard the "pyramid scheme" whispers all too many times.

We've all had that person from high school we haven't spoken to in years strike up a conversation with us about an opportunity they'd like to speak with us about. Random and off-putting, right?

Enter the direct selling and MLM stigma that exists today. It's one of the main causes of apprehension for potential direct sellers and MLM consultants (and a total mischaracterization of everything it stands for, by the way).

I get it - I was there once too. But let me tell you this: I'm so glad I pushed through those preconceived notions and gave it a chance because direct selling and MLM completely changed my life.

As professional makeup artists, we are continually consulting with clients on what products will fit their specific needs and complement them best. Though I chose to represent Arbonne over the 10 other beauty lines I tried, I'm completely transparent about when I do and don't believe their product is the frontrunner. My clients have come to know and trust that I have their best interests in mind.

We, as makeup artists, have a special expertise that not only helps clients look and feel their best but can save them time and money. Why are we selling ourselves short when we could be embracing our true worth through direct selling and MLM?

In this video, I'll discuss in detail the 5 reasons why I believe makeup artists should sell with MLM. Let's talk about how you can use your expertise, following and influence to become a better business person, expand your offerings and MAKE MORE MONEY!

While watching, I invite you to open your ears, mind and heart so you can leverage your full income potential instead of leaving money on the table.

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